Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Journeys Through Trance 341

The latest trance mix from Phil Langham is here. JTT 341 for June 2013. Tracklisting as follows:

01 AVENGER orca(new world intro)
02 NEW WORLD one(the noble six)
03 ETASONIC no words can tell this(blue silence)
05 NEW WORLD rise above(emotional mix)
06 EDU PADILLA miranda(u.d.m)
07 ILLITHEAS & OCEAN 9 from dusk till dawn
08 DANIEL MEYER im alive(nikolai kempinsky)
09 INFITE true love
10 MIKE ONSWELL varius
11 TONY NESSE indestructible
12 DREAMY ft MUHIB KHAN unseen myself
13 FLATLEX breeze(alexei ryasnyansky)
14 THRILLSEEKERS & TALLA 2XLC fractures(darren porter)
15 TRANCE DIVISION orchestrate

Listen and download for free by visiting the 2013 Year tab.

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