Monday, 10 November 2014

Journeys Through Uplifting Trance 395

Welcome to a new episode which starts of with three vocal tracks before moving on to the usual uplifting sounds,including a 2009 beauty from Roger Shah !

Genre:Vocal,uplifting trance
Quality:320 kbps/44/.1kHz/Stereo

01 KAYAN CODE ft JUHA control [araya & mark dreamer]  (trance allstars)
02 ARCTIC MOON ft NOIRE LEE revolution  (F.S.O.E)
03 BOBINA ft CHRISTIAN BURNS still in love[photographer]  (WAO138)
04 ALPHA FORCE back in time  (suanda)
05 OMAR ESSA volantis[silvernova]  (soul waves)
06 DJ ULTIMATE BASS yevva[r3dub]  (club g)
07 STARTAIL daybreak  (alter ego)
08 PLUTIAN pathetique  (CDR)
09 WITNESS 45 heavenly hundred[global influence]  (rolling records)
10 {2009 CLASSIC} SAVANNAH body lotion[inspirations mix]  (magic island)
11 GIOVANNIE DE SADELEER magnus animus  (how trance works)
12 ALEX SHEVCHENKO sunset island  (trancer)

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