Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Journeys Through Trance 358

Welcome to this new episode which runs at a slightly more energetic pace than normal,but still has great breakdowns !

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01 DOMINIK VON FRANCOIS wortox(ataraxia)
02 HYPAETHRAME take me with you
03 MIKE VAN FABIO tibetan wind
04 LOSTLY ft ROBERTA HARRISON these streets(luke terry)
05 MOSTFA & MOSTFA old prophecy
06 ETHAN lasts forever(abandoned rainbow)
07 IKERYA PROJECT lovley november
08 FRENCH SKIES shine(outer space)
09 HYPAETHRAME last shadows(reiklavik)
10 ALEXEI RYASNYANSKY paper flower(andy elliass)
11 ICO nimue
13 AEDEN time to say goodbye
14 OIRYAL nostalgia(outer space)
15 MAX SOLAR & NEXT BEAT 6am(mohamed bahi)
16 RYMANIA pure emotion(tranzlift)

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