Friday, 31 May 2013

Journeys Through Trance 339 - May 2013

Here is the latest Journeys Through Trance mix for May 2013. Available in the 2013 Year tab.

Number 339 is available for download.

Tracks included are as follows:
01 PHYZIX ft REN back to you(theortical)
02 TRANZLIFT fall of icarus
03 KAIMO K six ways to sunday
04 MANUEL ROCCA ft EMILY RICHARDS favourite photograph
05 MICHAEL MAURICE ft ISLAM ALLAM resurrect me(sg4ter)
06 REORDER last moments in paradise
07 TRANZLIFT never forget(emotional mix)
08 FRENCH SKIES calista(blue tente)
09 GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI love will bring it all around(on air)
10 NERY sagrada familia
11 FARHAD MAHDAVI first kiss(dreamy)
12 MICHELE CECCHI hibernation
13 AERO 21 you & me in the sunset
14 ALEX TEEB ft MARYANA rising(orbion vocal)
15 INFITE true love(new world)
16 BLUE SILENCE a whole world better
17 MANUEL LE SAUX things we will never forget(kaimo k)

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