Wednesday, 5 December 2012

December 2012 edition of Journeys Through Trance: 327

December's offering and latest set from Journeys Through Trance is number 327.

The very latest and best trance music chosen and mixed by Phil Langham.

The tracks included in the mix are as follows:

01 inesquecivel NERY
02 missing you(energetic mix) RONNY K ft JACUB HUBNER
03 hymn(araya & wach) FREEGATE
05 my love(outburst vocal mix) MARK SHERRY
06 illusion(liquid vision) IMPERFECT HOPE
07 menace(tranceye) GARETH WESTON
08 tunisia WACH pres OUSSAMA MLADHIA
09 the fith dynasty DOUBLE V
10 the only thing that matters(damian wasse) PEET B
11 rising man(RVM) MARK DREAMER
12 requiem for a childhood(martin lisben) CHUNKI
13 ethno world(original mix) LIGHT & WAVE
14 beyond the blue sky(the noble six) PETE SILVER
15 bliss(running man) A.M.R
16 the rabbit hole FUNCTION C pres KEELIN TEMPLE
17 close encounters MARTIN LISBEN

To listen and download, click the below sleeve, enjoy!

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