Thursday, 8 November 2012

Journeys Through Trance 325 - November 2012 Trance Music

We are pleased to announce the latest Journeys Through Trance latest edition.

By simply clicking the image will take you to the mix where you are able to listen and download for free.

Featuring the below 18 trance tracks:

broken wing(tom cloud) MARLO ft JULIE THOMPSON
give me a sound(brad & voctor h) CERF & MITISKA ft JAREN
thank you POSHOUT ft AELYN
calm down(ost & meyer) COSMIC GATE ft EMMA HEWITT
cliche ESTIVA ft JOSE
a new moon(dart rayne & yura) ADRIAN & RAZ ft ELLIE LAWSON
russian cosmonauts BEN HENESSEY
one and one(pedro del mar) LOVERUSH UK ft MARIA NAYLER
another time(daniel loudlight) KYAU & ALBERT
where life takes us BEN GOLD
come back home FAST DISTANCE ft CAMI
spread your wings(big room mix) NOLITA
edge of the world DENNIS SHEPERD
all i need is you SOURCEE ft KARINA SKY
no one home OMNIA ft ANNA CRIADO
like spinning plates DASH BERLIN ft EMMA HEWITT
gallery of sound STONEFACE & TERMINAL
save the day(myon & shane 54) ARUNA

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