Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Recent Additions to Journeys Through Trance

The recent additions which have been added to the Journeys Through Trance blog are from the Year 2002.

These are real classic trance track mixes and include the below:

Tracklisting: 032
01 ibizia sunreise(airbase) LABWORKS
02 connected(ferry corsten) AYUMI HAMASAKI
03 be happy(ferry corsten) LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY
04 ligaya(vocal) GOURYELLA
05 solstice SYSTEM F
06 can you feel SHOLAN
07 air of love VECTOR 7
08 love is an ocean(silver blue) SURENO
09 sound of goodbye(a v buuren) PERPETUOUS DREAMER
10 silent heart(wippenberg) GREENCOURT
11 lethel industry(cj stone) TIESTO
12 circa forever RAPID EYE
13 far from in love(airbase) ABOVE & BEYOND
14 yet another day(riva) A V BUUREN ft RAY WILSON

Tracklisting: 031
01 open your eyes DJ ENCORE
02 rise TOKYO
03 boys of summer(greencourt) DJ SAMMY
05 you got away(tukan) DJ ENCORE
06 breath without you MILK INC
07 rainbowland(dj shog) ADRIMA
08 follow you ANDORA
09 rhythm is a dancer(cj stone) SNAP
11 the smile has left your eyes(jaccot) SYLVER
12 wonder why(cj stone) STATE OF GRACE
13 dont you lie to me HAMPENBERG
14 when you hear the silence(dance nation) TUKAN
15 am i on your mind(ian van dahl) OXYGEN
16 sunshine(wippenberg) DANCE NATION
17 the one(peter lutts) DEE DEE

Tracklisting: 030
01 doucement(radio edit) AREA
02 sky falls down(a v buuren) OCEANLAB
03 time is the healer(a v buuren) RIVA
04 i will find you(martinez) ANTILLAS
05 close to you TIESTO
06 you shine on MATT DAREY ft MARCEL WOODS
07 do you here me INDIANA
08 sunrise WILLIAM HAWK
09 janeiro(marc et claude) SOLID SESSIONS
10 love washes over(pheric) ART OF TRANCE
11 all i ever wanted MYSTERY
12 ligaya(greencourt) GOURYELLA
13 close to me FIRE & ICE
14 dreaming of you THRILLSEEKERS
15 cant live a day without you(tiesto) AVALON
16 the heardest heart BLANK & JONES ft ANN CLARK

Tracklisting: 021
01 love,freedom & tollerance DJ MIND & FRIENDS
02 pink stars LUNA SYSTEM
03 elements NEO CORTEX
04 wherever you are LAAVA
05 temple of dreams FUTURE BREEZE
06 heaven(martin eyer) SAMMY & YANNOU
07 forever(ian van dahl) DEE DEE
08 released(warrior) PRAETORIAN
09 life is too short KAI TRACID
10 kites(fade sanctuary) ANGEL
11 such is life(vocal dub) RANK 1
12 the awakening RANK 1
13 the light LUNA SYSTEM
14 blue lagoon(rank 1) TUNNEL ALLSTARS

To listen and download these great mixes from 2002 either visit the 2002 Year tab in the menu or click here.

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