Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Journeys Through Trance - Recommendations


As well as keeping the "Journeys Through Trance" blog up-to-date for Phil, I also spend many hours listening to the mixes and sets that he creates.

As admin for the blog, I would like to take this opportunity to give you my top 5 recommendations for Journeys Through Trance. I will add that I have listened to tonnes of mixes and it is very hard to single out certain mixes, but like all music, there are some that you cant help returning to.

These are my top 5 JTT mixes that I 100% recommend and have listened to time and time again.

1. JTT281

This is the 2010 year mix - the first track is not my favourite of the mix but after that, the rest of the mix flows exceptionally well and all the tracks are really catchy. My favourite tracks (even though I like them all) in the mix are: Seven Days (catchy as hell) Rocket (great lyrics!), Cross the Line, Follow You, Hello Love, Fire Sign and Satellite of Love. Thoroughly enjoy listening to this mix time and time again.

2. JTT316

316 starts off with 4 really melodic/vocal tracks which is right up my street. The whole mix has a great uplifting feel to it. As this contains very recent tracks it is really worth listening.

3. JTT308

Starts off with the very talented Jessie J song Domino and really kicks off this mix. Follow Me Home send my hairs on end! Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery is probably the best track on the mix for me as the lyrics are superb. This Love, Distant Love and Promise You are top tunes for me on this one. Great mixing on this set.

4. Trance Anthems

Goes without saying that if you are a die hard trance fan you will never forget Trance Anthems. As I grew up with the tracks included on this set I cant help giving this a listen frequently. Two of my all time favourite trance anthems feature on this mix: "Airwave" by Rank 1 & "Wallhalla" by Gouryella. Beauty.

5. JTT313 - Best of Estiva

I had heard of Estiva but never heard all of their stuff. This mix features some great tracks especially: Autumn, Avalon, Venice Beach, The Kingdom, Only We know and Better Days. The whole mix is great but those ones stick out for me.

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  1. so somebody else got hooked on 281 track 02 !! I got hooked on the Slovak/Czech version.A real odd track to get remixed,but i love the uniqueness ;-)